Short - Appointment with Dr. Hooper

KK Crews | Sep 10, 2023

Read the fantastical encounter between Dr. Hooper and her creator, KK Crews.

Dr. Hooper: Good morning, Ms. Crews. How can I help you today? I was looking through my appointment book and I don’t seem to have any intake information on you.

KK Crews: That’s because I didn’t give you any. Oh and please, just call me KK.

Dr. Hooper: OK, KK, since I don’t really know why you’re here, maybe you could start things off. Tell me a little bit about yourself and what brings you to my office.

KK Crews: Um, well– I’m a writer and I live just outside of Santa Fe. Been living here a long time in the same house, on the same land. I used to work as a nurse and later in Special Education. I have a husband, two grown kids, and an old dog. But this is really boring stuff.

Dr. Hooper: If you find it boring to tell me those things, why don’t you tell me why you made this appointment with me.

KK Crews: Well. (long pause) Dr. Hooper, I know an awful lot about you. I don’t want to make you uncomfortable because I know that deep down you’re a bit jumpy about things. But, (long pause) well, I kind of (short pause) would like to know more about you.

Dr. Hooper: Ok then, let’s start with what you think you know about me.

KK Crews: Dr. Hooper, I think you just rolled your eyes at me! Am I offending you?

Dr. Hooper: Of course not. I wouldn’t do that. Go ahead now. Say what you need to say. This is a safe space and you seem to need something from me.

KK Crews: Okay then, give me a moment. I think I’m a little flustered about this meeting. Normally I am, well, the person in charge, the controller of fates.

Dr. Hooper: That’s a pretty big job, KK. That might create a bit of stress in your life. Perhaps even panic at times. So please go on.

KK Crews: Okay, well, we’ll leave that topic for a moment. So I know that you were kidnapped and that you are being pursued by some kind of madman from your past. I know you have a new boyfriend and that your own mother has discovered something that you never would have guessed in a hundred more lifetimes. Well, maybe not quite that many. I also know that at any moment you could do this thing where you channel or fall into one of my own past lives, which by the way would be kind of cool if you could do that for me today.

Dr. Hooper: I see you’re smiling, KK. Is that why you’re here, to have me experience one of your past lives. Because if you know me as you say you do, you will know that I don’t really have any control over that happening.

KK Crews: Oh yes, I do know that and no, that really isn’t why I’m here. Like I said, I just thought it would be cool.

Dr. Hooper: I see. Go on then.

KK Crews: Alright, well, I also know that you have a lot of really unusual clients and sometimes you use that power or whatever it is to help them understand their present day problems. And I know that your life is never dull, (long pause, quick delivery) you know like mine might be. Sometimes. Anyway, I guess I was just wondering with all that you have going on and well, your extraordinary, umm, adventures, maybe capers… (A very long pause and an expectant look).

Dr. Hooper: Ok KK, I feel like we might be getting closer to the crux of things. My extraordinary adventures and what?

KK Crews: Well, do you ever get visions of the future? You know, little snatches of what’s to come.

Dr. Hooper: No, not as a rule. My thing seems to be the past. Is this something that you might be experiencing, KK? Are you sensing that you are having visions of the future?

KK Crews: Yes. Yes that’s it, and I thought I should come here to warn you.

Dr. Hooper: Warn me about what, KK?

KK Crews: That madman. You know the one, from your own past lives. He’s… Dr. Hooper, are you okay? Can you hear me? You look like you’re having one of those things. Dr. Hooper…? Is it me? Are you experiencing one of my past lives? Cool. I’ll just sit here quietly and wait for you to get back. Oh man, I am so excited, I can hardly wait. I should be quiet shouldn’t I so you can do your thing. Bon Voyage, Dr Hooper.