Coming Soon - Arroyo Coyote

KK Crews | Aug 1, 2023

Dr. Martha Hooper will return soon in the second book of the Hooper’s Junction Series. Until then, here is short excerpt from the book!

The memory moves through me slowly as slowly as the realization that this is why, suddenly, I can’t breathe. I feel those walls rise up around me, confining me, paralyzing me, and in the far away, I hear the chilling rattle of viper tails. And there it lies, just beneath the thin lids of my closed eyes. I am alone, and I am going to die. The shivering turns to spasms of shaking and I can’t catch my breath at all.

“Martha, what’s wrong? Here let me wrap you back up in the blanket.” He bundles me, swaddling my shaking body like an infant. Turning me back towards the house, he is speaking words to me.

Soft words, calming words, but I can’t hear them over the rattling that is echoing in my ears. My arm and leg are throbbing, and though I feel John pushing me along, I no longer own the control over my wobbly legs. Suddenly, the shadow of that monstrosity is hovering over me, his wine stained face and evil leer carving at the heart of me. Mr. Misterioso. “John!” My scream is muffled and choked. I feel his presence both outside of me and inside my blood and bones. He is here. He is in possession of my mind. He inhabits my mind and is whispering in my ear, the voice of a venomous viper. So foul, like a poisonous hissing, it coils through my body, “I am still here, Master Turnbull,” says the viperous woman’s voice. Madam. I can barely breathe.