Excerpt - Hooper's Junction: Book One

KK Crews | Jul 1, 2023

Here is a short excerpt from the first book of the Hooper’s Junction Series so you can get hooked!

It’s stupendous how the human heart can double its rate based merely on a mental aberration. As if I’d been munching on some crumbly thing, I frantically brush the imaginary crumbs from my blouse, straighten the lines of my denim skirt and inhale deeply. Reaching for the door handle, I happen to glance down at my sandals and notice that I have absurdly chosen a black one and matched it with one of the same style, but brown. There in the doorway, the UPS man stands patiently holding a box that a severed head would fit neatly into. I have no idea why that image has popped into my brain, but I force it from my mind’s eye and smile politely.

“How ya' doin' today, Dr. Hooper?” Though he has been my UPS guy for the last two years, he still seems remarkably young. Old enough, however, to get inked with a sun and a raven on his forearm. “Gotta package for you this morning.”

I feel the corkscrew turning as I take the plummeting turns down into a life once lived. Way too often I have no control over my descent, but something about this morning’s mental jarring has me sufficiently distracted that I bring myself back up and nod agreeably.